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Hello Dear People,

We are the mushroom cultivators & manufacturers in Madanapalli (AP). Our company is supplying button mushroom from lost 3 years we have 4 years of experience in mushroom business so we are starting food processing industry in Andhra Pradesh.The project cost is 16 crores but initially we are starting with 25% of production(5.4Cr) slowly we will expand it up to 100% with in 2 years of working period & also we will go for FMCG after .We having 6 investors & we are looking for 6 more investors as a share holders or directors each director will get 8.3% share in the company & 10% returns per month on the investment.if interested in this proposal please contact me for project details.Mobile:+919849242682, E-mail

Please Note: Only Serious Enquirers Can Contact Us

Dharmendra Chowdary

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Even after investing crore of rupees we still get only 8.3% share... Y so. And you will pay 10% return per month... Something fishy & undigestable figures...

Do u really have 6 investors already with you... Seems doubtful...

I recommend people to b cautious before investing.

Kindly feel free to talk to me before investing.


Chetan k.

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Mr. Chethan, I understood one are trying to get free publicity by this website but you should mind one thing this is cheap way so its not good publicity for you !
I already told you 7months back am not looking for investors am looking for working partners who can work hard for they'r investment & also i told you to come and visit our place for clarification we can spend money for your expenditure. we started our factory construction.
Am not asking crores or black money.if the person invest money then he will get share for his each & every single rupee. Just calculate the percentage with 12 directors how much investment it will be ? Don't you have mind ? Read the posting clearly before commenting.7 months back I already mailed you my project report but you din't even replied for that, you must feel shame for that.
You are the consultant but every one can say that 90% of Indian consultants are fraud, this is well known fact.
This is useless portal to get genuine business so don't get exited for free postings and comments, Am not going to use this site.
My name is Dharmendra Chowdary i have courage to prove my self & my Sincerity .....Do you have that courage to prove your self??????
You are doing this for your publicity & money but am fighting for my aim & goal...
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Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!

Join live meetings with buyers, sellers, and experts!