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Kindly assist to share the soft copy for the study materials to my email address below, I own a 20acre land in Bangalore and I’m currently working outside india. I’m keen to know more about organic farming to cultivate Corps to serve our people in a healthy way .

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Hello Advertiser, I’m Mr. J. Kantharaj, resident of Bangalore. Have good knowledge about organic or natural farming practices to be adopted in our farms to get pure organic products. I don’t have any research papers to give you, it’s years of practice thru which I had gained some knowledge. If interested in converting your land to organic / natural farm, foremost is you must have pure natti / desi cow. Without there is no way, your wish can be solved. Send a mail with your contact details, location of your farm, & what’s happening in farm as of date. Can send what all has to be done to convert the land suitable for giving organic products in return, it’s not magic & wont happen in few months, the day you stop applying dangerous fertilisers etc & proceed with farm made inputs ( few materials have to be sourced from outside, for some time, ) Respond to me if interested . Hope to hear from you. Bye
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