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I have a 2 acre land in which i want to do commercial farming for trees like casurina, mahogany, Malabar neem etc...
Kindly guide me for the same.
Location: Karjan, Vadodara, Gujarat.
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Dear Sri Munira1,
Please inform in which area your farm is located and whether irrigation facilties are available or not.
For casurina you will get income after five years, Mahogony 25-30 years, Malabar neen 7 years.
Please take Taiwan gua in two acres , you will get a net income of Rs.200000/- per acre from second year onwards
. After one year you can take up Sandal wood in as inter crop for sandal wood you will get huge amount
after 15 years. Please contact us for further details.
G.Anandarao B.Sc(Ag)
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If water facility is available go for taiwan guava in two acres and take up sandal wood as inter crop , You will be able to get an income of 4- 5 lakhs on two acres from second year onwards up to 15 years and after 15-20 years Sandalwood fetch lakhs of rupees in lumpsum (with drip system)


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Mahogany( African Mahogany) is the best tree then all other as it gives good good return in 10 years.

please contact for more details.
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