Wanted Need farmers to do medicinal farming which will be contract farming and highly benefit.


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I am intrested in contract farming contact on this no 7766821744
My land is in U.P
No fencing
Residential facilities
Easy transportation
Boring need renovatipn
Advise to All Members in this Thread:
Never adopt single crop farming which is extremely risky in present climatic and atmospheric conditions in India and around the world, and it is also high financial risk to farmers. Always adopt multi crop farming that is suitable according to atmospheric, soil and water conditions of your land and suitable according to market conditions/marketability. There are hundreds of high value crops (food, herbs, spices etc) you can cultivate organically and simultaneously (a proper mix of short term and long term companion crops) to get higher income from your land that will improve health of your land also. For further details of high value crops multi cultivation organic systems, please mail details of your land and contact details to E: greelandfns@gmail.com


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I have 18 access of land in Nagpur,Presently cultivating Okra on 7 acres.
Fenced land with drip irrigation installed and operational.
I am interested if its profitable as a cultivator.
Please pm me@9890906710 with details.
Thank you.


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sir am also interested to do medicinal farming so please you help us how to grown and what are the steps to do send your contact number and details and give your appointment to meet to once, thank you sir.
my number-8095143207

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