Opportunity Need Button Mushroom Daily Chennai


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We are looking for Quality Mushrooms like
1. Oyster Mushroom (White, Pink and Yellow)
2. Milky Mushroom
3. Button Mushroom

Those who produce these mushrooms can contact us. While contacting either through mail or phone, kindly send us specifications & quotations for the products that you produce.

Organically (mechanical equipment) produced products are preferred.*

Details requested when approaching:
1. Specifications on production style (organic or inorganic)
2. Specialties if any
3. Rate per kg*
4. Logistics cost*
5. Your location
6. Process of selection-
a. We need sample
b. Sample will be examined and the rates finalized
c. Then the supplier can send us the required amount of Mushrooms.
d. Payment details- Has to be discussed.*
7. Packaging details

*Subject to Negotiation.

Our demand at present is only minimal as in 20 kg per day in each category of Mushroom. The demand will increase as business grows.

Contact us for more discussion on the same.
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