Job Available Need 3 sets of couples preferably without children for salaried agricultural work


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Hi Everyone,

I have a farm of 12 acres in my village Vaidyanathapura, Maddur Taluk, Mandya District, Karnataka. The farmland is situated 3 Km away from the Bangalore-Mysore highway at Maddur by the side of the River Shimsha.

I propose to convert my farm into a fruit orchard and necessary preparations are going on. I propose to hire 3 couples to handle the complete agricultural operations comprising work on the farm including managing 30 cows as a dairy.

The three couples will be paid a monthly salary of Rs 8,000 per couple plus a share of the milk production and agricultural production which can amount to about Rs 100,000 per year per couple after finalization of accounts. Accommodation will be provided. My village Vaidyanathapura is famous for its Vaidyanatheswara Temple (established in the year 1406). Maddur is a thriving taluk headquarters just 60 Km away from Mysore on one side and 80 Km away from Bangalore on the other side. The couples can hope to make a good life in the long run.

I would welcome couples or anyone acting on their behalf to contact me for a further discussion.


V T Narendra

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