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Article on Khaki Campbell Duck Farming- A boon to Indian Farmers.

A Brief Article regarding Farming of Khaki Campbell Ducks for Egg Production & its Commercial Benefits.
By: Firoz Hassan Khan. Poultry/ Duck Farming Expert.

Ducks Farming has been done in India from Ancient times. But from last decade Commercial Duck Farming(Specially Layer Breed[for Egg Purpose] is fast gaining popularity in India as compared to Hen Farming because of its Commercial & Health Benefits.

From commercial point of view, ducks have a longer profitable life. They lay well even in second year. Ducks do not require any elaborate houses like chicken Ducks are quite hardy, more easily brooded and more resistant to common avian diseases. Ducks require lesser attention and thrive well in scavenging conditions. Ducks supplements their feed by foraging. They eat fallen grains in paddy fields, insects, snails, earthworms, pond algae and other aquatic materials.

As compared to Hen Farming, there is no “Risk” involved regarding Mortality(Death-rate) due to Diseases or Harsh climate. Because Ducks are very hardy bird & have disease resistance capabilities, (so no cost of Vaccination). It can survive in 50* degree plus temperatures in Summer as well as Cold & Chilly weather of Winter Season of North India or Western India. In India, specially the smaller type(Desi Ducks) have been reared for Ducks meat & egg purpose But after the arrival of Khaki Campbell Breed, other breed has taken back seat due to its -Bigger Body Size(4 months old Mature Duck Weights between 2 .5to 3 Kgs) -Bigger Egg Size & more Annual Production of Eggs per bird(duck) compared to Desi Breed.

Advantages of Khaki Campbell Duck Farming compare to Poultry Farming:-
  • Khaki Campbell Ducks lay more eggs per bird per year than chicken.
  • Khaki-Campbell female duck lays around 280 to 300 Eggs Annually. The size of the Khaki Campbell duck egg is much larger than hen egg by about 15 to 20 gms. (Egg Weights around 60 to 68 gms).
  • Wholesale Rate of Khaki Campbell Duck Egg, Rs8 to Rs.10 per Egg. (Anywhere in India).
  • Khaki Campbell egg & meat doesnt emit foul smell as Desi Ducks Breeds so its Egg/Meat fetches more money & Sell faster than the smaller Desi Duck Eggs in the Market
  • Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs are much sought after by the Hatcheries because of huge demand for D.O.C.(Day old Chicks) by the Farmers & Duck Farming People.
  • Its very suitable for Fish Farming as Khaki Campbell ducks makes peculiar sound in Night when somebody (Man or Animal) comes near the fish farming pond or lake. It also eats the harmfull bacteria & organism present in the water which effects the health of the fish.
  • Its excertial droppings(Guano) contain more % of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Pottasium, Sulphur & other Macro & Micro Nutrients compared to Cow or Buffalo Dung(FYM) so its Guano can be used as Complete Bio-Fertilizer instead of harmfull Chemical Fertilizers like DAP, SSP, NPK, UREA or MOP in Cultivation of Field & Horticultural Crops.
  • As Khaki Campbell Duck is a very hardy & tough bird with disease resistance capabilties so “No-Vaccine” is required as compared to Poultry Farming. So naturally low input-cost in rearing & breeding it.
  • Its proven Worldwide that Duck Eggs are very Beneficial for Lung & Respiratory Diseases such as Asthma, Cold, Cough, Sneezing, Watery Nose & Nasal Congestion.
  • Its Egg contains more Nutrients Value than ordinary Hen egg.
  • Requires less Manpower & Feed compared to Animal Husbandry, eg. Dairy & Goatery etc.
Farmers/People interested in doing Commercial Duck Farming of Khaki Campbell can Contact for Consultancy regarding Indian Runner Ducks and Khaki Campbell Ducks & Chicks.

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