Murrah buffaloes yielding 12 - 18 kg for sale with transit facility to Andhra


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Pure Murrah Buffaloes of excellent body confirmation, Good udder, tightly curled horns, dairy temperament and milk yield capacity of 2000 to 4000 liters in a lactation available for sale (10 – 20 kg. per day with average fat % 7.5+.)
Pure Nili Ravi buffaloes with milk yield capacity of 2000 to 3600 liters in a lactation. ( 10 – 18 kg. per day)
All our cows, buffaloes, heifers and bulls are disease free and vaccinated. They all have great tolerance to hot and cold climatic conditions and are regular breeders.
Model Dairy Farm’s dairy cows, buffaloes and bulls are Reliable and Simply Superior.
Transit facility to andhra pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu available on request.

For Trade inquiries or more information kindly visit or contact at:
Model Dairy Farm, Naramau, G.T. road, Kanpur – 209217 (India)
Phone: 09936286478 , 09936296361.
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