For Sale multifunction grain sheller machine factory supply grain thresher machine

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Multifunction grain sheller machine is used for threshing of corn, pearl millet, sorghum, soybean,rice,wheat and adzuki bean.Pearl millet is a nutritious cereal grain that grows in some of Africa’s most famine-prone regions, producing reliable yields in dry, hot climates with poor soil quality. Though pearl millet is a major source of nutrition for the rural poor, the grain corn thresher machine production and market potential are limited by inefficient and labor-intensive traditional processing methods.Victor brand multifunction millet thresher machine was invented to help smallholder farmers increase their yields of pearl millet grain while minimizing their drudgery. The diesel engine millet thresher machine can be owned collectively by cooperatives, individual households, or by businesses, who can process their grain at their convenience and use it for local consumption, or sell it at local markets.