Question Moringa contract farming


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Please contact for details.
Hi, could you please help me with the relevant information on Moringa cultivation and possible buyback arrangement. I am interested in Delhi / Haryana / UP areas. How is the financial viability of the project ? Kindly share the information with me.
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Please tell any company related to moringa (drumstick) contract farming
Please clarify ..
Farming key steps...
1. Where is your land location ?
2. How many water sources do you have?
3. Is it a plain land or a sloppy?
4. If sloppy then in which direction?
5. Do you have man power?
6. Are you going to give full attention to that land?
7, type of soil ?Red / black / dry /wet
8, nearest town ?
9, Main road to land access-direct that road/footpath / vehicle movement road.?