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sir, Can you please share your contact details as i need this project report ASAP?

Info Hand Book & Financial Project report on Modern Dairy Farming Prepared on 2014 Data (20 Cattles)

Project value for 20 Cattles

Investment Rs 16 to 17 Lakh (Even can start with 5 Lakh)
2nd Year Profit Minimum Rs 18 Lakh
Break Even Point Below 2 Year
Total Profit Minimum Rs 10.00 Lakh per year

Customization: Customized based on investment and also size of Dairy farm. Useful to new and existing farm owners to increase your profit.

Language: Simple English, Step by Step Procedure with slide presentation.

Topics covered in Info Hand Book & Project Report

Introduction to Dairy Farming
Market Survey
Advantages of Dairy Farming
Types of Breed
Dairy and Breed selection
Animal Selection steps with picture
Cattle selection score card

Land Requirement
Land selection parameters
About Modern Israel Loose house farm
Farm shed layout and material details
Equipment details with local equipment seller

Age Detection steps with picture
Vaccination Schedule
Reproduction cycle with picture
Care of new born calves
De-corning, De-worming and Tagging

Different Types of Feeds
Feeding Ratio based on Age and Litre of milking
Home made Concentrate feed making
Green Fodder cultivation step by step details
Dry fodder preparing method
Calf Replacer
Silage making steps with picture
Feed sellers (Even we teach making concentrate feed at home)

Farm cleaning and Normal Practice in Farm
Workers daily working schedule in farm
Record Maintenance for extra profit
Insurance premium and Company details
Present farms list for free visit
Dairy Farm Training centers
Nabard Contact Details

Economic Report Includes the following

Building cost
Equipment cost
Cattle cost
Insurance cost
Veterinary cost
Green/Dry Fodder cost
Concentrate Feed cost
Salary and Maintenance

Total Project Cost
Total Turnover
Total Profit
Break even point and other economic parameters
EMI and Interest repayment schedule
Finance and subsidy options
Stock value and depreciation
Cash flow and financial projection for 5 years

Hand Book & Project report cost : Rs 1000 (No Discount)
Delivery mode/Time: Email and in 24 to 48 hours

Project Report with us: Stall Fed Goat Farming | Teak, Agar & other trees Plantation | Banana Cultivation | UHD Mango Farm | ETC
you can contac me on 9560597970 or


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We are interested to set-up a modern Dairy farm with 100 HF cows.
Can somebody help to arrange a complete project report with Systems and Financials updated as per current Technologies and Livestock availability ?


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CALL: 9900372432
Farms for Rent in Hulikunte Village, Doddabelavangala Hobli, Doddaballapur –Tumkur Road
Near DABASPET/ Thyamagondlu/ Muddenahalli Railway Gate,Bangalore Rural
Dairy Farm: Will 15 Jersey/HF Cows (COWS FOR SALES)
Boiler Poultry Farm: with 30,000 Birds Capacity
Layer Poultry Farm: with 25,000 Birds Capacity
Water: Bore Available
Electricity: KEB Connection
Warm Regards,
Raghu Rangaswamy
974 360 5 888