Mineral mixture for Dairy animal Extra or effective expenditure

Animal requires certain minerals for their optimum growth / Maintainence / milk production & reproduction. The minerals available in Feed & fodder take care of the Maintainence & production to a certain extent but will not be sufficient to take care of all the requirements. At the same time through every litre of milk animal also loses certain quantities of minerals, which need to be replaced at the soonest. As this is not being followed the animal’s productive capacity is greatly reduced & animals have to be replaced at an early stage.

Thus it is very essential to give Mineral Mixture everyday. Every farmer should note that Mineral Mixture is not a medicine (usually thought to be given only during infertility) but a very essential part of the animals daily needs.

Our product VIMICELL helps you to meet out all mineral and vitamin requirement


  • Improves reproductive performance & conception
  • Enhances hoof health
  • Increases calving rates and calf vigor
  • Improves milk production & milk fat %
  • Maintain and maximize the milk yields
  • Choline for optimum health and production potential
  • Better Fat metabolism and liver function
  • Reduces stress in animals
  • improves health and performance
  • Improves immunity ,disease resistance and reduces failure

DFM(Sacchromyces cervesiae and Bacterial culture)

  • Accelerate rumen efficiency and animal performance
  • Improves dry matter intake and fiber digestibility and maintain the animal in positive energy balance
  • Reduce lactate production in the rumen
  • Enhance the rumen environment
  • Stimulate the microbial development in the rumen
  • Reduced risk of acidosis

Large Animal :30 -35 gm /animal/day to be mixed in the feed.
Small Animals :10 -15 gm /animal/day to be mixed in the feed
Concentrateve : 2 kg /100 kg feed

Each kg contains
Calcium 255 g
Phosphorus 127.5 g
Sulphur 7.2 g
Sodium 5.9 mg
Potassium 100 mg
Magnesium 6000 mg
Iron 1500 mg
Zinc 9600 mg
Manganese 500 mg
Copper 1200 mg
Cobalt 150 mg
Iodine 325 mg
Selenium 10 mg
Bio active chromium 55 mg
Vitamin A 7,00,000 IU
Vitamin D3 70,000 IU
Vitamin E 250 mg
Nicotinamide 1000 mg
Biotin 550 mcg
Choline chloride 50 gm
DFM 25 gm
Antioxidant qs
Flavoring agent qs

Competitive Advantages of the product

  • Metal Amino Acid Chelated mineral mixture
  • Fortified with Bioactive Chromium ,vitamins, and Biotin
  • Rich in Cholin chloride and DFM
  • Absorbed by active transport
  • Greatest bioavailability
  • Highly stable in the absorptive gut area
  • Superior in physiological activity
  • Stable when subjected to various pH ranges in gut
  • Dipeptide-like structure resists gastric acid hydrolysis & intestinal enzyme cleavage.

Presentation : 1 kg Aluminium foil bags and 20 kg HDPE bags




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Declining Fertility - A Problem Of High- Yielding Cattle?

A rise in milk yield may point to signs of declining fertility in dairy cattle,

Animals with high milk yield are also more susceptible to diseases, which in turn is a cause of early foetal death in cattle.

To prevent this, care must be taken starting from the insemination stages, with attention paid to the energy balance of animals particularly in the first weeks after calving. Having the right prophylactic and therapeutic measures in place can help minimise the incidence of early foetal death while effectively countering problematic conditions such as inflammatory illnesses during this period.

A series of studies shows that a rise in the milk yield of cows goes hand in hand with a decline in their fertility. There are admittedly indications that this negative connection between milk yield and fertility is also due to genetic factors, but the heritability of the fertility attribute is relatively low.

the negative energy balance occurring in high-yielding cattle appears to play a major role with regard to the early foetal death. Thus there is undisputedly a negative connection between the energy balance of the cows and the time required up to resumption of the oestrus cycle after giving birth.

DFM(Sacchromyces cervesiae and Bacterial culture),Bio active chromium and biotin in vimicell helps for the positive energy balance there by increased conception


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Minereal Mixture...

Dear Sir,

The formulation shown above is good.

Can you please let us know whether the values ( for e.g Calcium 255 gm) are Nutritional OR Elemental?

Thanks & regards,

Dr.Chandrakiran Sant
Dair Advisor
( Cattle Nutrition & Management)


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mimineral mixture

Kindly advise what a mineral mixture is and where i ca get the same for my dary farm consisting of Hf cows in Coimbatore district.
thank you for your interest on our products for supply of the product kindly call me

Dr.Bharathidhasan MVSc.,

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