Medicinal Aloevera plants/sucker for sell

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Aloe vera is the oldest medicinal plant ever known and the most applied medicinal plant worldwide.

Climate : Aloe is grown in warm tropical areas and cannot survive freezing temperatures. Hot climate suits the growth of Aloe Vera plants. Growing Aloe Vera plants in warm climates make them flourish and widely spread. Plant your Aloe Vera in full sun. During the winter months, the plant will become somewhat dormant. During this period watering should be minimal, allowing the soil to become completely dry.

Soil: Aloe Vera can be cultivated on any soil for 'dry land management', sandy loamy soil is the best suited for it. The soil should be moderately fertile and fast draining as Aloe Vera plant it self contains lot of water and it will wilt if the soil is not fast draining.

Manures and fertilizers: The crop responds well to the application of farm yard manure and compost. During the first year of plantation, FYM @20 t/ha is applied at the time of land preparation and the same is continued in subsequent years. Besides vermicompost @2.5 tonnes/ha can also be applied.

Propagation: Aloe Vera is generally propagated by root suckers by carefully digging out without damaging the parent plant and planting it in the main field. It can also be propagated through rhizome cuttings by digging out the rhizomes after the harvest of the crop and making them into 5-6 cm length cuttings with a minimum of 2-3 nodes on them. Then they are rooted in specially prepared sand beds or containers.

The plant is ready for transplanting after the appearance of the first sprouts.

The process of cultivating Aloe Vera involves the following process:

The ground is to be carefully prepared to keep free from weeds and the soil is ideally kept ideally slightly acidic. The soil should be supplied supplement in the form of ammonium nitrate every year. The plants are set spaced out by 31 inches in rows and between the rows. At that rate, about 10,000 plants are set per acre. An 8 - 12 inch aloe pop would take about 18 - 24 months to fully mature.

The plants, in a year's time, would bear flowers that are bright yellow in colour. The leaves are 1 to 2 feet long and are cut without causing damage to the plant, so that it lasts for several years.

Plant protection: Aloe is known to be infected by fungus causing leaf spot disease. This affects yield and quality of the gel adversely. The disease can be controlled by spraying recommended fungicides.

Aloevera plants easily established in soil.


Variety Aloe Vera barbendasis
6-9 inch in size
Green in color
Good medicinal values
Material is in ready stock
More than 10, 00,000 Plants available