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What is the Level of Market we have for Ducks , is it for Flesh or Eggs, Which state has more requirements.. can any body throw some light on this:confused:

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Duck is gaining popularity and in fact is scarce to come by.Peking duck especially with whole carcass weight of 2 kgs plus is hard to find.Premium restaurants and hotels have regular requirements for the same. In fact the star hotels import these frozen ducks from China(comes with a ring on one of the legs)
Khaki Campbells are good egg layers and the eggs too have a good demand.Modern trade retail has begun showing interest in having a variety of eggs like Local,double yolk, brown shelled,quail and of course duck.

Meat processors too would be interested in sourcing whole carcasses, breast and/or leg boneless to further process into ready to eat products.Offals like the liver could be processed into pate.It goes without saying that the demand for ducks overall is on the rise and shoots up during the winter festive season.

Backyard farming is well on the way to more organised farming but is slow due to non availability of good chicks faced with the fact that breeds like the peking are not very good incubators naturally.


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hi peter,
this is a great piece of information , thanks , People in Duck Farming Please pour out your experience it will be really help full for the new comers

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