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Sweet corn is grown in large scale in countries like canada , USA as an important vegetable. Now this sweet corn is being increasingly cultivated in India and other Asian countries

Sweet corn is planted at a spacing of 0.75 M- 1.0 M row to row distance and 0.15 M -0.30 M plant to plant distance . This gives about 13,333 plants per acre and each plant bears 2 cops producing total of 26,666 cops per acre

At the selling price of Rs.5.0 per corn Rs.1,33,330 is earned in about 75-80 days per acre

Besides an acre of sweet corn produce 1000 to 1600 kgs of green fodder for milch animal

This sweet corn can be grown through out the year leaving winter months of December and January

The sugar percentage is 5-11 % in sweet corn and 22-40 % in super sweet corn

Varieties name – Madhuri, Almora sweet corn etc

Seed rate – 4.0 to 4.5 kg per acre for sweet corn and 2.0- 2.4 kg for super sweet corn

Should not be planted close to ordinary maize since cross pollination between sweet corn and ordinary corn will render the cops of sweet corn sweetless

Harvest – 18-22 days after pollination the corn is ready for harvest .

Harvest time – Morning or evening when sun is low

Maturity – Cops outer coat is felt tight and compact , tassle are dry and corn seeds when pressed oozes out milky juice


Corn appears to be of the size 6-11 cms and 1.0-1.5 cm circumfrence .Single plant produce 3-4 cobs . It is rich in protein , fibre, calcium , potassium

This is used in various delicious dishes like chutney, laddu, keer, Pickles, soup, pakoda, or served as green in vinegar in star hotels

Varities- Co( PC)-1, HM4, Baby corn prakash,

Spacing – 60 cms * 15-20 cms row to row and plant to plant spacing

Seed rate – 10 kgs per acre

Yield – 1000 kgs

Harvest – In kharif season daily harvest is made and rabi season harvest is done on every other day during morning or evening hours

Crop duration – 45-55 days

Overseas market – US, Japan, Hongkong, singapore,, Australia, malaysia, canada, UAE, New Zealand etc



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I am growing American sweet corn organically through scientific methods. Presently i have 3 acres of American sweet corn under cultivation, on 1/2 acre rotational basis for the entire year supply. I have the weekly production of 2Tonnes American Sweet corn (Syngenta, CP, East West, Nujuvedu variety seed) ready for supply. Interested parties can contact me for regular order, in and around Rajahmundry Vijayawada Vizag Hyderabad.

Warm Regards,
Sarath ,
Weat Godavari Dt