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Dear Team,

Let me introduce about Mid Valley,

We are interested to make a supply chain in Bangalore,

Mid Valley Dairy is South India’s first fully integrated dairy farm, Spread over 125 acres.

The farm is located near Perambalur, in Trichy District of Tamil Nadu and is surrounded by lush natural vegetation, copious water supply and fresh air, and is the perfect setting for a world-class dairy farm.

Mid Valley Farms maintains the utmost quality in every aspect of farm life. The dairy shed stretches over 5 acres of clean land and is home to more than 400 cows of all breed with milk yield capacity of 3000 to 7000 liters in lactation.

The farm has zero carbon footprint through Eco-friendly and self-sustaining processes. We have dedicated an acre for bio gas production, rain water harvesting, water treatment, solar energy and R&D. The electricity and power required on the farm is also self-generated.

The Infrastructure:-

On our farm, we own every aspect of the milk production process. That’s the only way to maintain the highest standards of quality and we ensure it at the most microscopic level.

Here are some of the most salient features of the farm:

• Land to grow best quality fodder

• 400+ animals of superior breed

• Ample grazing and living space for the animals

• Highly nutritious feed prepared in a feed mill with a capacity of 1 ton per hour

• Modern and well-equipped veterinary clinic

• Fully automated milking parlor

• Processing facility of 10,000 sq. ft. with gable top packaging machines

• India’s first IDEXX certified lab on site to match international standards of excellence

We do all this and more so that Happy Tales milk is healthier, tastier and better than any other milk in the market.


Happy Tales cow’s milk is pure, pure, pure, all the way.

It has no adulteration, no milk powder added, no preservatives, and non-toxic. And in the entire process of production, it is untouched by hand. Purity at its best.

They live better and in hygienic conditions. With vast open spaces to roam around freely.

And they are milked better. And before all this, each cow goes through a tough screening process before being admitted in to the farm. This is an important step to control bacterial infection in the farm. One cow with unwanted bacteria can contaminate the whole herd. This is how we ensure that the milk is fresh, pure and unadulterated while reaching your door step.

Eco Tourism:-

At Mid Valley farms we aim to promote Eco-tourism. It’s very vital that our next generation is made aware of the various aspects of healthy food and food habits. It’s also significant that we provide the children with an opportunity to interact with nature and also get an exposure to scientific agriculture.
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Dear Sir,

Please send me the details . We are interested to take distributorship for Bangalore

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