Article Little millet and its benefits


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Millet in general contains many essential vitamins and micronutrients. They support the nutrition of dryland dwellers, especially women and children.

Other crops give poor yields. Millets have additional advantages as subsistence crops due to their unique ability to grow under harsh/ unfavorable environmental conditions.


Small millet is Gutki in Hindi and Sava(Marathi), Karjro (Gujarati), Same (Kannada)Samai (Tamil) and Samalu in Telugu.

Soil and Season:

Small millet has a short crop rotation and is mostly grown under natural rainfed irrigation, but can grow even in relatively dry seasons under artificial irrigation.It is suitable for dry and waterlogged conditions with adverse environments such as saline soils and high temperatures. Small millets produce consistent yields in marginal lands in arid and semi-arid regions prone to drought.

Nutritional profile of Little Millet:

Small millets are remarkably rich in iron, zinc and calcium, and may help treat anemia, celiac disease and diabetes, among others.Has food properties

Carbohydrates (g): 67.0

Protein (g): 7.7

fat (grams); 4.7

Energy (KCal): 341

Crude fiber (g) 7.6

Calcium (mg): 17

Health Benefits:

  • Consumed as a prebiotic to provide more nutrition and to feed important microflora in the internal environment.
  • Serotonin helps calm and relax your mood.
  • Hydrate your colon to keep you hydrated.
  • Overall protein when combined with legumes – Great for food.
  • Alkaline, High in fiber.
  • All millets have high antioxidant activity.
  • Millet helps control blood sugar and cholesterol. Easily digestible.
How to use small millets:

1. Small millets act as a healthy substitute for rice.

2. It can be dry roasted and mixed into wheat flour to add crunch to chapatis, rotis and muffins.

3. Small millet flour, in making baby food, as porridge can be used.

4. Upma Chamai Dosa, Tomato Rice, Lemon Rice, Biryani, Make alva, kesari, or payasam.

5. Whole grains can be sprouted and used in salads.

Small millet is an indigenous grain with various health benefits.In the current scenario of increasing hidden hunger, there are increasing demands to develop nutritious and cost-effective food products.

For more details:

Ms. U. Unnimaya, B.Sc.,(Hons) Agriculture, Email: and Dr. B.Guna Associate Professor, Department of AgriculturalExtension, Nalanda College of Agriculture, MR Palayam,Trichy. Email: Tel:9944641459

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