For Sale LED lights for horticulture application

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Dear Sir,
We are in the field of designing and manufacturing LED lamps for last 10 years now.

Recently we have developed LED lights for horticulture application. These lights are 100% designed , and manufactured in house, so will be easy to maintain, and repair if needed.

These lights can be made in linear form ( tube ) or single point source ( like floodlight ) as per requirement and are suitable for aquaponics , hydroponics , tissue culture , similar such applications ..
These lamps can be used to grow spirulina indoor , and vertically ( like tissue culture / NFT hydroponics ) , increasing the area avilable many times, hence production can be manyfold compared to traditional
open farms as it can be year round.
These LED tubes are now available ready stock.
Samples can be provided as per your feedback.
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