Land suitable for Energy Crop/ Grass Plantation

Dear Sir,

We are ESCO accredited by BEE, Government of India and rated as Grade-3 ESCO by CARE Ratings. We are actively involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy since 1995. We are rendering our services for promoting/ setting up agriculture base renewable energy projects like biomass pellete, biomass briquette, energy grass/crop based biogas bottling and energy grass/crop based biogas power projects.

For this we have selected few agricultural/ farm land in Odisha which will be suitable for energy grass plantation. We will render our services from plantation to production of final products on turnkey basis. We can design, engineering, preparing all technical reports, liaison with different departments, and for approval of loan and subsidy. We can also tie-up with farmers to contract farming for your annual requirement of the raw materials. Otherwise we can prepare lease agreement with farmers if you are interested to produce your own raw materials.

If anybody interested to set up these types of industrial ventures in Odisha, India may contact at email id: krishnaenergy(a)

Thanks and regards.
Pramod Hati

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