Land For Sale In Maharashtra- Goa Border

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Following lands are available for sale at Goa _ Maharashtra Border at low price.

1. 800 acre agriculture land.
2. 300 acre agriculture land.
3. 250 acre agriculture land.
4. 2 Acre 19 Gunte agriculture land.
5. 2 Acre 10 Gunte agriculture land.
6. 100 acre agriculture land.
7. 34 acre agriculture land.
8. 108 acre agriculture land.
9. 17 Gunte agriculture land.

Interested parties plz reply.


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Hi Amit,

I cannot post my contacts as i m not a registered member. Still u can search for me in Orkut as sanjay naik goa. Thanks.


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We have 350 Acres of fertile agricultural land suitable for rubber ,cashew and mango plantation in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Its a river touch plot with road facility. Price - 2 lakh per acre. If interested please contact us . Sunnyhills Agronomics pvt. Ltd. - Sunny Thomas 0096899899627. or