Wanted Krishipathshala traning detail

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India's Agriculture sector contributes to 16% of its GDP and provides 50% employment. However, this sector is still ignored by most of the educated people because of sheer lack of Technical knowledge.

Amritanjali wants to bridge this gap between the educated people and agriculture sector. We will provide you an Extensive Training Program which be an answer to all your queries regarding Good Agriculture Practices.

Be part of this 1 Day Comprehensive Training program which provides Technical and Practical Know- How on the Plantation, Cultivation, Harvesting and Processing of Aloe Vera, Stevia and Other Medicinal Herbs.
What we include in workshop
Theoretical and Technical Details about soil and water testing, and Subsidies provided by Government Bodies
Cultivation, Harvesting and Maintenance Procedures for various Medicinal herbs like aloe, stevia, lemon grass, satawar etc.
Describing various Processing Procedures for Medicinal Herbs.
Understanding initial costing and return on investment of these herbs.
Sharing various marketing strategies for Medicinal Herbs.
Guest Lectures by Ayurvedic Doctors on the uses of Medicinal Herbs.
Group Games and Activities.
Practical Knowledge on cultivation, harvesting and maintenance of Medicinal Herbs
Demonstration of Various Medicinal Herbs like Aloe Vera, Stevia, Lemon Grass, Pamarosa, Satavar, Neem, Tulsi, etc.
Explaining the Vermi-culture process and demonstrating other Organic Fertilizers
Defining Organic Farming and explaining various Good Agriculture Practices.
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The seats are limited so Hurry Up! Otherwise you will miss this opportunity.