Kedar Farm Fresh - publishing house diversifies into farming

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Udaipur based publishing house diversifies into farming and processing to return back to the society

“India is an agriculture based country therefore it was vital to be part of this core industry to do something meaningful for our society. We are publishers of academic books hence to join agriculture we had to do farming ourselves. So we bought 20 acres farmland and started series of experiments with respect to strictly no-chemicals farming practices from ancient times. We are following the famous Krishna Vallabh literature from Mewar region, Rajasthan and conducting trials on the formulations mentioned in it one by one. These are tested for cost effectiveness and performance,” shares Mr. Gopal Agrawal, Founder and Director, Kedar Farm Fresh (KFF).
Presently KFF commercially sells herbal tea, honey, cow dung pots, organic manure, chemical-free vegetables. “Our dream project is to produce 100% natural cattle feed,” says Mr. Agrawal. All the products are sold under the brand name ‘Kedar’. KFF is located at Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Mr. Agrawal has developed herbal tea influenced from the herbal teas produced at China. “Chinese teas are sold at Rs. 20 thousand per kg but the tea made by us is sold at Rs. 5 thousand per kg. Kedar Herbal Tea is similar in taste and benefits to its international competitors but sold at reasonable prices because we want to reach the mass. It is an amazing formulation of 9-10 herbs such as lemon grass, rose petals and calendula etc. Rich in antioxidants the herbal tea improves immune system and metabolism while effective in reducing weight, gastric and constipation issues,” he claims. All the herbs are sourced from reliable organic growers while the entire processing is done in-house. Tea is available in the market in three packing 50gm, 100gm and 250gm. “Consumers are appreciating the taste and flavour,” he adds. Pure honey is sourced from the forest and processed in the farm.
In the vegetables category, drumstick is the main crop rest all are commonly grown vegetables. These vegetables are sold in the local market. “We have also planted rare crops black turmeric and yellow turmeric. The former has been sourced from China. Post its first harvest we shall be supplying the seedlings to the farmers because we aim to increase the cultivation area as it is a miracle crop packed with immense medicinal properties. We use our farm produced micronutrients, the farming inputs. The results achieved after using these self-made micronutrients is excellent,” elaborates Mr. Agrawal.

Cow dung pots developed by KFF is claimed to be best for developing the plant nursery. Once the sapling grows in these pots then along with the pot it can be merged in the soil. There is no need to transplant the sapling from the pot and again in the field. “Along with the cow dung pot the sapling can be planted in the fields. It controls the weeding and plant population is managed more closely. Besides the pot inside the soil secures the roots of the sapling thus enhances the overall growth of the plant,” he explains and adds, “Initially the machine used for producing these pots was quite complicated but we have simplified the design and now production is quantified by many folds.”
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KFF also reaches to the farmers through its NGO to provide farming technical know-how, organic fertilizer and seeds etc. In the coming months Mr. Agrawal plans to start his dream project of producing and supplying 100% pure cattle feed. “The society will be free from fatal diseases like cancer only when our cows are healthy. Since childhood I used to get extremely disheartened to see the cows fed with health-damaging feed. Now I have developed the formulation myself. It shall have nutrition rich ingredients such as napier grass and alfa alfa etc. It shall be priced same as the cattle feed available in the market. I will not make it expensive else the entire purpose of making cows healthy and so the society will be defeated,” he asserts. The manufacturing plant will be established near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Fruit orchards and seedling supply are other two ambitious projects of the company.
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Mr. Gopal Agrawal concludes, “100% chemical free cattle feed is not available in the market so the dairy farmers cannot be blamed. Hence we would surely make this feed accessible at the reasonable prices. I strongly feel this shall bring a very positive change in our society as milk is an essential component of Indian diet. It is my way of serving my Motherland!!”

Contact details:
Kedar Farm Fresh
31, Navjeevan Society,Hiran Magri, Sector - 4, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Mobile: +91 9887 090 610, +91 9887 090 405
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