Is dairy farm business suitable for a graduate?


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My name is Venkat. I am planning to start a dairy farm initially with 20 milking buffaloes at prakasam dist in Andhrapradesh. I am moving from software job to dairy farm business. Can you please explain me how the dairy farm business is profitable in India/Andhrapradesh by considering the current indian dairy scenario.

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Hi, Starting dairy farming with buffaloes wouldn't be profitable and also it will not serve your purpose of making profit.
You should start with some Cross breed cows and in addition to that you can have buffaloes.


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me to eng qraduate fromkkd and social worker i am starting buffalo farm and crab business (best business )in kakinada. its good to start. i agree


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Try out for Crossbred Cow Dairy Farm Project Reports as per NABARD guidelines which can be customized as per your needs

Dr. Vivek Patil
Asst. Prof. LPM, Veterinary College, Bidar

Site Moderators please note :This is a livestock extension initiative meant to increase awareness about the economic aspects of dairy farming and aid in project planning by dairy entrepreneurs. It does not involve any business activity.
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Venkat - If you don't have a dairy background I suggest you do some homework or may be visit an existing farm to gather information. BTW, how much land do you have?.

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