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Investors required for Dairy Farm


How much you may invest for this start-up as an invester ?

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This post/thread is about openings for investment in dairy farms. Anything related to my request for investment only has to be posted and no time wasters and by-passers please.

Each and every un-related posts will be reported. Please and kindly note that this is a request for investment thread and not for your personal help related issues.


With more than 8 years of farming experience with milch animals and integrated farming, i am interested in setting up a industrial level dairy farm independently.

With an intent to start my own, i have exited from my employer and looking for investors in this venture.

My model of dairy is completely integrated from feed till sale of milk to indias leading milk brand for a safer side to start with.

Expected investment is around 13 Lacks for the leased land + Milch Cattle and expected turn around per year is at around 20 Lacks for the first year and there by an increase of 4-8% per annum.

Please note 13 Lacks is the base capital i am stocked with and if any or every one who is interested in investing more are always welcome.

I am looking for any number of investors with any amount of capital with proper agreement and documents to ensure your investment is in safe hands and yearly profit will be shared accordingly.

Investment & Return:

As said before, the investment starts from 13000 and multiple of 13000 from there off. ( 13000, 26000, 39000, 52000, Etc )

Why 13000 ?

  1. If 100 of the readers who goes through this and respond and invest, it's a ice cake to us to kick start.
  2. An average yielding milch cattle is costing around 39000-52000 per unit, which will help to put in the names of 1/3 investors.
  3. To keep the calculation simple and effective.

Profit Share:

From the first day of milk sold our yearly cycle starts and at the end of each year, the profit/loss is calculated and disbursed to the investors at a rate of 5-7% P/A.


For example,

If you have invested 13000, at the end of the first year your profit will be 684 Rupees + Your Initial Investment, and increase as per your investment as below.

View attachment 10641

Hope it clears your Questions. If you need any further in this kindly reply below.

Profit Distribution:

There are two ways you can go along with your investment, the first is to re-invest again or withdraw at the end of first financial year.

Both of the above can be done at the end of first financial year only.

As this is a start-up, i am solely responsible for the profit/loss making of the unit and can be questioned at any time.

Kindly note, no pre year withdrawal is allowed before the completion of first year.

Additional Details Planned:

Once the farm reaches it's operational condition, usually within 5-6 months, we will be venturing in to vermi compost, organic manure using our existing cow's and other cow by products manufacturing by introducing desi cows at a slow phase in order to maximise the business potential which will eventually give our investees the assured promise of 7% or more.

Products planned are as below,

  1. Ark
  2. Panja Kavya
  3. Vibuthi
  4. Health Oils
  5. Soap & Dis-Infectents.

Once we break even in a span of 17-20 months, farm expansion and commercialisation may be possible to make it as a brand and to take it big which will help all of our initial investors in a positive manner in the feature.


On the completion of first and second succesfull year we will look for developing it further by becoming our own brand and manufacturing by-products.


Senkottai taluk of tirunelveli district .

Why this place? :confused:

It's obvous that it's my home town and more to that We have the option of supplying milk to Society/Private, so that our cash-flow is assured in weekly basis to run :rolleyes:

Investment Mode:

Only by Bank Transaction / Transfers so that you will have the proof to hold me for my responsibility.

Share Details:

Proper Share deed will be made and sent to your bank proof address with proper bond papers.
All the share deeds will show your bank transaction/My acceptance and our feature profit/loss scenario.

Further Requests:

Please reply here if you need any more details

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Hello all:

We have a 40 acre land near Tada, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. We have a plan to set up a modern 400 cow dairy farm. I am looking for investors / venture partners. Please contact for further details.

Kind regards,

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)