indias first br.spec fungicide(Nanocide-AF)


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A broad spectrum Fungicide, Bactercide, Virucide, Sporocide and Algaecide
Application: Foliar application through a knap sack Sprayer, soil drenching
Dosage: 3.0 to 3.5 ml/lt of water depending on pest Density, severity of attack.
Functional Effects: Broad Spectrum BIOCIDE

NANOCIDE-AG is recommended for use for seed, soil and plant disinfection.
IT can also be used in post harvest treatment, for repelling fungal microbial attacks.

NANOCIDE-AG Is recommended for preventive and curative treatment of PATHOLOGICAL DISEASES CAUSED BY THE FOLLOWING

Algae, FUNGI, Bacteria, INCLUDING ( Alternaria, Antrachnose, Black spot, Botrytis, Grey Mold,Downy mildew (plasmophora) Erwinia, Fusarium(Root Rot) Leaf spot, Phytophthora (Blight, Rots),Powdery Mildew(uncinula)Pseudomonas, Pythium, rhizoctonia, rust, scab, smut, Xanthomonas wilts and blights etc.
enquiries solicited from bulk buyers, wholesalers and other retail agrochemical sellers
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i am intrested to distributorship for gujarat state of your products so send me more detail and terms & conditions and prize list,please contact....
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