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Increasing food grain requirements is boosting the fertilizer consumption in India


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Bharatbook added a new report on "Fertilizers Market in India 2010" which gives the factors influencing the growth of Fertilizer market in India.

Fertilizers Market in India 2010

The usage of fertilizers in India has been a very old phenomenon owing to the large scale production of a variety of crops. India being an agro-based country, agriculture is a very important part of the livelihood of a large section of the population. This ever increasing population has put a tremendous pressure on the availability of food grains. This phenomenon is in turn boosting the fertilizers market. Government regulates a large portion of this sector and provides the second largest amount of subsidies to the players. Players are rapidly increasing their production capacities of fertilizer manufacturing plants and so the market is set to boom in the near future. Players in the market are utilizing foreign technologies as well, and are devising better products to suit the crop production and increase the per hectare productivity. ( Fertilizers Market in India 2010 - Business Market Reports )

The report begins with an introduction to the fertilizer market indicating the types of fertilizers in India. The market overview section provides details about the consumption levels of fertilizers in terms of nutrients and the segmentation of the nutrients widely used in India for crop production. The production level of such fertilizers in nutrient terms has been indicated along with the import figures of the nutrients. This is followed by the description of the kinds of fertilizer products used in India with the existent nutrients. Their production and consumption levels have been highlighted.

An analysis of the drivers explain the factors for growth of the industry including large subsidies, lack of sufficient usage of fertilizers, growing investments in the fertilizer industry and increasing food grain production. The key challenges identified include price hike of natural gas, unavailability of raw materials and volatile international prices and growing use of micro irrigation systems. The major government bodies regulating this sector have been described with their key roles, activities and functions. Policies of government in form of the new Nutrient based Subsidy Policy (NBS) have been included. The key incentives provided by the government have been analyzed with the key initiatives that the government has taken to boost the overall sector. Key trends identified in the market have been highlighted including water soluble fertilizers, investments from technology providers & players and increasing joint ventures.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry illustrating the share of players in terms of Urea production capacities. It also includes a detailed profile of the major players in the market including their financials. The key developments in the sector over the past year have been highlighted.

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