Increase turnover & profit from your existing biofertilizer manufacturing unit



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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as biofertilizer consultants & manufacturers of novel equipments for production of biofertilizers & biopesticides.

Many of the existing biofertilizer manufacturers suffer from problems such as poor product quality, inadequate turnover & low profit margins. This puts the entrepreneur under severe financial pressure & the possibility of having to close down their biofertilizer production unit.

With our experience of over 30 years in industrial biotechnology & fermentation, we can help to improve product quality, boost the turnover & increase the profitability of currently operational biofertilizer manufacturing units.

We do this by upgrading the available facility with a few changes in the existing plant & manufacturing protocol.

Using our know-how & equipments, running units can increase the profit from their present setup by 10-50 times or even more... at a fraction of the cost of setting up a completely new facility!

We hope you will be interested, & look forward to your reply.

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