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For Sale Imported & Authenticated IPB-9 CALINA Hybrid Papaya Seeds Available for Papaya Cultivators.


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We have Imported IPB-9 CALINA exported from US. There is a misconception that IPB-9 CALINA genetics are from Indonesian. But actually IPB-9 CALINA genetics originated from USA. This new variety had been developed by the Scientists at California Agriculture University some years back & now its Commercially marketed from there. Do Contact us for Pure & Authenticated IPB-9 CALINA PAPAYA Seeds directly imported from USA.
Below some Characteristic of IPB-9 CALINA PAPAYA Variety:-
  • IPB-9 CALINA plant are dwarf in nature and has more & early fruit bearing capacity then Red Lady Taiwani or any other commercial variety.
  • IPB-9 has good Leaf-Curling Mosaic Virus Resistant & Colar-Rot Disease Resistance Capabilities then any other commercial varieties.
  • Can Survive Water-logging stress upto 48 hours. Very good Variety where rainfall is very heavy & it leads to sudden water-logging in the Field.
  • Market Rate is Good all over India & specially in Azad Mandi of Delhi & Metro Cities as the Avg. Fruit Size is 2 .5 to 3 Kgs per Fruit with Dark Reddish Orange flesh(pulp).
  • Keeping Quality far superior then any Indian or Taiwanese Variety and very suitable for Distant Transportation.
  • Fetches more Market price then Red Lady or any other commercial varieties cultivated in India.
  • Suitable for all year round cultivation in vivid zone of India except Mountain Ranges of Uttarakhand & Jammu & Kashmir where climate is much cooler & chiller.
For more information regarding Papaya Cultivation pls., Contact us as below-
Firoz Hassan Khan. Horticulturist & Papaya Farming Expert.
Green Farm Organic, 130, Leader Road,
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh-211003.
email: Mbl.-9559944441 & 9795495543.
WhatsApp No. 9235361686.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)