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Hi All, I am newbie to agri and food processing. I am a tech guy and I am looking to start something in agri space as full time. I have time and resources to do experimentation also. I got my hands dirty with farming since last one year and I have gained decent experience. I am looking for ideas in food processing space and later looking to expand into trading, imports and exports of food products.


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Ditto - my query is the same . Will appreciate receiving response I am from Karjat Taluk, Raigad District, Maharashtra. Over 30 acres of fertile land abutting perennial river. Many Thanks
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Hi "enum777". For your food-processing venture, please tell me your email-id so that I can email to you my concept of mechanised bucket-jaggery. dot com . Another idea in food processing is to use the concept of infra-red drying of fresh fruits & vegetables so as to increase the shelf-storage life ; infrared is much better than exposure to direct sunlight. I shall email to you my PDF attachment files which explain the aforesaid concepts to you so that you can work upon these, and also invent your new equipments so as to enable hundreds of farmers across the nation to prevent the destruction of fresh fruits surplus production or lack of transportation facility to lucrative markets such as cities.

Farm, production, marketing and sales business is easy and not risky under NDA government policies. But, food processing production, marketing and sales are highly competitive with MNCs and local giants to get profits. You have to think twice about large investments and future of food processing business. Once it is started, you can't go back or escape from the business. Regarding farm business, you can change the system, if the system gives negative results. Land have unlimited opportunities, but machinery holds limited opportunities for system change.
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I've completed a govt recognized food processing and preservation course some time ago. Almost all fruits or vegetables, grown, can be processed. The process differs only in terms of what end product you wish to derive and market. Whether you wish to enter the B2B space or B2C and so on.
For instance tomatoes can be made into and sold as pulp, tomatoe puree, tomatoe powder, tomatoe chutney and so on. It also largely depends on the variety of tomatoes etc.
The govt is offering grants, yes grants apart from soft loans for setting up food processing units. As during bumper harvest the produce is going to waste.
Depending on fruits and vegetables that you grow and in your neighborhood, you can process and pack it. Certain norms need to be followed to maintain hygeine and quality.
Hope this helps.

Ideas, assumptions Incorrect!

and GRANTS are different- check with concerned authorities what a GRANT is and who, how, why is eligible!

Procurement of specific variety of peoduce/raw material Needs appropriate planning and cooperation with farmers on contract farming basis to control round the year gate price, else one may see Hell.

All set now, what one process with and who the trained, experienced tech team are of greater importance and So isthe plant & machinery to cater around.

Requirements are steadily climbing up, without above indicators there will be a calamity called Freeze shall be experienced.

Techno Economics of an industry can be assessed perfectly only by the ones with having constant presence.

Professional it is!


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