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I have land in Coimbatore Kinathukadavu agricultural land please contact me for your agri land requirements
Sale Agriculture property Price-80000-90000/Bigha,4.50lac/ACRES Property (For Sale) Price : Rs.450,000/Acer(125Acer) U.P Urgently want to sell my Agricultural Land cost it is District Badaun (UTTAR PRADESH) Just 5Hrs Drive From Delhi Ncr good agriculture farm... More-Area : Built Area : Bigha, Super Area : 500Bigha Location : Badaun, Uttar Pradesh Old currency accepted. Property details will share personally Contact : MAHENDRA KUMAR Ph. : 09690049348


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I have the following land

Dist Krishnagiri area Thally (Denkanikottai to thally road approach )
Property 1
Thally 6 acrs mango farm huge road approach price 18 lac per acr and small road approach 15 lac per acr.

Property 2
Thally 10 acrs with good road approach price 17 lac per acr plain land without trees

Property 3
Kumlapoor very near to Anekal 5 acrs fully fenced 22 lac per acr

Property 4
Near Thally 23 acrs rich red soil 5 acrs fully mango trees remaining coconut trees open well full of water one bore well small
guest house near to lake and a small water stream crossing the land price 22 lac per acr.

Property 5
Near Thally 5 acrs fully fenced with small trees planted fully price 16 lac per acr.

Property 6
Near Denkanikottai on thally road small cut road 2 acrs price 17 lac per acr

Property 7
Near Uthangarai around 140 kms from bangalore 10 acrs with free electricity price 5 lac per acr.

Property 8
Near Anchetty around 100 kms from bangalore 5 acrs price 6.5 lac per acr and also 7 acrs same price,

Property 9
near Uthangarai 5.5 acrs price 5.5 lac per acr open well with free electiricity.

Property 10
near Uthangarai 7 acrs price 7 lac per acr open well and free electiricity

Dharmapuri dist

Near Theerthamalai

Property 1 1 9 acrs river side barren land price 3.25 lac per acr water rich area.

Property 2 17 acrs three free electricity connection one open well and river touch land standing crop
sugar cane, banana, paddy, cotton, Turmaric and coconut trees. 7 acrs developed price 9 lac per acr\
and 8 acrs un developed 5 lac per acr.

Property 3 7 acrs open well with free electricity mango farm and coconut trees on tar road price 8 lac per acr

Property 4 3 acrs plain land 4 lac per acr

Property 5 33 acrs price 5 lac per acr one bore well and electri city and a farm house half of the land planted with
teak and the land near to a river.

Dharmapuri dist near Harur

Property 1 1.6 acrs with open well and free elctricity water rich area 11 lac ler acr

Property2 1.8 acrs with open well and free electiricity water rich area price 11 lac per acr

Property 3 2 acrs on a main road open well free electricity price 15 lac per acr Bus route

Call for more details

Shajath ali
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Hi, We have 2,000 hectares in the Philippines with good quality of soil for farming.
Dear Sir Greetings we enquire for cheap agri upland on lease renew or to buy lgterm for mixed crop, any available offer ps. email specfs infras yield terms.. kd rgds iqbl m


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I am having 3 acre of agriculture land and very much interested to sale it . Exactly the location of the farm is 44 kms from nagpur , maharashtra.

If interested request to mail me


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