I am interested in aurvedic plantation want to know details - also marketing.

ayurvedic plantation

I am interested in ayurvedic plantation. want to know which to plant , how to market & margins.
I am growing ROUVOLFIA SERPENTINA (sarpagandha) in orissa.I am located at bengaluru and cultivating the plant in odisha through my people.It requires sandy loam soil with good drainage.the crop takes about 2years to mature.If your soil is suitable I can guide you free.I am yet to market my product but I have got some querry for seeds as it is not available easily.It is a CITES catogory plant and requires some permissions from District Agriculture/District horticulture dept.Further for transportation and/or export permission from state conservator of forests is required.You can find the details on nett. or write to me at pandasimanchala786@gmail.com or call me on 09611813311.
simanchala panda

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