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Welcome to JSK Agro products, India’s premier location for hydroponics, alternative farming and sustainable agriculture. We are your one stop shop for all your greenhouse, hydroponics and alternative farming needs. We have developed all our systems and methods in India and for Indian conditions. Currently we are promoting commercial ventures across the country

About System: The vertical system takes advantage of available space in the Greenhouse. The Greenhouse environment is controlled hence trying to maximize the usage of space is of prime importance.

This system is also very suitable for outdoor cultivation, specially for Strawberries, Lettuce, Herbs and Greens

The vertical system increases the plant population 3 to 7 folds depending on the crop. This is a growing method used in the west and other developed countries. We have developed the system to suit the conditions and requirements for tropical regions specially India. This is a proven technique to grow Strawberry, Lettuce, Pepper and Tomatoes commercially.

Commercial farming needs to take full advantage of all investments made in Infrastructure and Environmental Control to deliver profits. The vertical method of growing is ideally suited for this purpose.

Vertical Strawberry Production: The plant population for field grown strawberry is approximated at 20000 to 22000 plants per acre (5 plants per The vertical system accommodates up to 100000 plants for the same space (25 plants per The field grown strawberry has lots of risk associated with it. The strawberry fruit is a skinless very delicate fruit. Exposure to harsh sunlight, strong winds, hail, heavy rains, frost and contact with soil can damage the fruit. In the vertical system since the fruits are protected from all these elements. The fruit is suspended in the air and does not have any harsh events influencing its development. The quality of fruit is much superior and can fetch higher values.

The vertical system of growing is a media based hydroponic system. The media specially formulated for optimizing root and plant comfort. The nutrition is specially formulated for this crop. This enhances yields and quality. This gives the producer a lot of confidence when selling the produce. For more details on the many crops that can be grown on the vertical system contact us and remember to fill the info sheet so that we can help you grow your business. Visit our website for complete details.

People who are interested in the products can visit our demonstration site at Pune, India.

You can call us and book your visiting time.

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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)