How to use the vertical roller mill for energy development


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according to the actual conditions of our country, its use has five parts:
1. vertical roller mill filling in coal mines.  
In the gradual reform of mining technology based on using bash or directly in the ground in underground coal gangue in processed for filling underground mined area.  
2. vertical roller mill filling in and pave the way for reclaiming land reclamation and surface subsidence in coal mines.
3. vertical roller mill coal gangue generating electricity.  
With more carbon, higher calorific value of coal waste, can be used as circulating fluidized-bed power generation and fluidized bed.  
4. production of vertical roller mill coal gangue brick, cement and construction materials such as lightweight aggregate. 
5. extracted from coal gangue pyrite concentrate and other chemical products.  
Whether it's coal gangue used in those methods, gangue is ultimately a matter of Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, leimengleimengmo, and other classifications of comprehensive utilization of process equipment.
Broken vertical roller mill equipment is mine mechanical inside a important of part, including jaw type broken machine, and counterattack type broken machine, various broken equipment and leimengleimengmo, and high-pressure micro powder Raymond vertical roller mill, and Super subtle powder Raymond vertical roller mill, and super large industrial Raymond mill, for decades species uses vary of equipment, not only in mineral, and coal, and power, and chemical, and building materials, and resistance material, and metallurgical, and water, and building and highway, industry of material processing aspects played with huge role, and for railway, and highway, and hydropower, and municipal engineering, of construction provides with efficient, and Reliable technical equipment support. Fast forward in mining machinery and at the same time, grinding equipment profile, don't be left behind, it is bound to the development of innovative technologies.

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