How safe is dairy business?


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Dairy farming is a safe business for the following reasons:

  • It is eco-friendly and does not cause environmental pollution as compared to other industries.
  • Requirement of skilled labour is relatively less.
  • Dairy product market is active round the year.
  • Minimum investment on inventory. (No need to to stock raw materials in huge quantities.)
  • Entire establishment can be shifted to a new location (if need arises e.g. Fire, Floods etc.)
  • One can insure animals.
  • Less energy requirement. Biogas plant fed with cow dung can supply maximum energy to meet farms day to day requirement. Decomposed slurry of such plant can also be effectively used as organic manure.

Limitations and Constraints:

  • Breeding of animals and getting expected milk yield is a biological phenomenon, which depends upon various factors.
  • Dairy farming besides good planning requires hardworking, reliable and alert manager. In India, usually persons from the family take the responsibility.
  • Inadequate management of feeding, heard health and lack of quality control in various stage of production can cause major loss affecting the profitability of the entire venture.

Starting the Farm – How to begin with:

  • One needs to decide first on the aims and objective of the farm. Every year there should be a progressive aim for breeding (including number of animals to be maintained) and production.
  • You can visit dairy farms that run on commercial basis and have a discussion with experienced farm owners. You need not have to rely much on others experience, analyze every event logically and if needed consult with local Veterinarians for more information.
  • If you plan to manage the farm on your own, look for opportunities to work for an existing farm for a minimum period of six months.
  • Develop interest and study feed and fodder’s market in your region, its difficulties in relation to seasons.
  • Manage a good team of labourers. You need to choose hardworking reliable persons preferably with some experience. You can also train them for specific jobs.
  • Visit the cattle market occasionally. Observe animals on sale and talk with persons engaged with purchasing of animals.
  • Read magazines and websites on Dairy Industry and keep yourself informed

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