How many Solar panels needed to run 5hp pump?

Hi Chandiranselvam,

The solar panels are rated as per their capacity. A solar panel typically is rated at 120W. A 5 HP pump needs 5 * 745.7 = 3728 watts of power to run.

Hence you can calculate the number of solar panels needed for your 5 HP pump.

The cost usually will be about 40 - 50 rupees per watt "only" for the solar panel and hence only for the solar panel the approximate cost will be 3728 * 50 = 1,86,000 rupees.

Additional cost will be for batteries and other infrastructure.

Subsidy is available in TN, but I am not sure how much. Not sure about other states.



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To run a 5hp water pump (8 hours a day )for agriculture purpose how many solar panels are required and what will be its cost?

Any subsidy is available for installing solar panels?
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