How I installed my drip irrigation system for Trees


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I can share my experience with you:
1. I run main supply line with 3inch pipe from the water source (no "L" Bend).
2. From the main supply, attach 2" pipes with 2 1/2 valves to supply water to 2" pipe. The last two pipes must be 1 1/2 inch pipes. At the end, attach an L Bend and attach a 1 1/2 inch pipe to run above ground, close it with a screw type cap. This will work as a cleaning valve.
3. Each of the above sub line, would supply water to 3 trees at each side and maximum of 70 trees in total (Not more than 3 trees in a single line). When i attach tubes in the sub line, left the last 5 feet free before L bend(no holes).
4. I used small valve type emitters to release water to trees . I purchased similar type in open market – which has similar adjustable type nop. The advantage is no blockage.
Note: 1. attached air release valve near the water source and at every 300 - 400 feet on the main supply line.
Note 2.Attached Non-return valve as explained in
Note 3: For 200 trees 3" main line was used.
Note 3: Pre-plan the main line first. Attach extra T joins when i attach the main line for future use. Once, the line is pasted, avoid reworking on the main line.
Note 4: Wherever I need big valves, use 1/2 inch bigger size than the pipe line. For example, for a 3 inch pipe, use 3 1/2 inch valve. for 2 inch pipe, use 2 1/2 inch valve.
Note 5: My land is kind of flat and not a hilly. So, the above advice works good. If I need to setup for hilly side land, I need an expert handy. If the land is not flat, one may need to turn on / off the supply lines to increase the pressure for certain line.
I did not install any filter or fertilizer tank. The main reason is they are not needed. I used taps for each tree, so, the sand will pass through the tab. No blockage issue for the life time. Also, the fertilizer will cause damage to the pipes in long run. So, i decided to use labor.
Since I followed above set guidelines, I can irrigate around 300 trees with 5 hp motor in one run. I don’t need to turn on or off any supply line. Once the supply line valves are set, they are not changed any more.

Disclaimer: The above is used for my farm and not for any other references or use as reference.

Good luck.

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Sure Manoj,

I am planning to visit by this weekend. I will post some pictures.

Thank you.

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Valuabale information

Tanks for this useful information. It is useful for people who are planning for an drip irrigation. This is the actual purpose of the site. Keep it up your good work.


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