Honey for Sale - Pure Natural


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We have the purest form of honey available in Bangalore :produce of own farm from Kerala and Coorg.

Please contact 9986770356 for more information.

Available Varieties are :

Larger bee honey
Coorg honey
Stingless bees honey (Cheruthen)
Munnar Forest Honey

No artificial Sweetener or preservatives are added .it is the Purest Form of Honey

Benefits of honey include:

Prevents cough and cold
Purifies blood
Helps in controlling body weight
Healing diarrhea or stomach ache
Acts as antibacterial and antifungal
Increases the immunity of body systems
Nourishes the skin
Natural source of energy
Can be consumed along with idli, dosa, appam, chappathi and can be used with bread instead of jam

As a result of honey's unique ability to readily absorb air, it is often used as a moistening agent in baking.
Cheruthen(Stingless bees honey) is considered superior honey in Ayurvedic texts and other medical journals. It is mostly administered to kids for mild fever. This honey helps to reduce fever and treat many kind of infections.

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