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I want to start honey bee farm with 300-350 hives in Punjab. Please tell me cost per hive with bees. Yield per hive per year (average) and from where I can get boxes , bees etc. Any consultancy service in Punjab ?

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Contact: Dr. P K Chhuneja, Entomologist, Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana.
the University has constituted a Progressive Bee Keepers' Association to help farmers with marketing and packaging strategies with regards to honey bee farming. University arranges farmers' fairs to educate farmers' of varied methods in honey production. At the fair, the aspiring farmers collect scientific knowledge about how to set up a colony, along with bee breeding and the usage of tools.With growing reliance on honey production, farmers' are keen to take on bee keeping.
On the outskirts of Ludhiana in Doraha is Kashmir Apiaries Exports. The company accounts for 40 per cent of the total organized sector honey production in India, owns the largest number of bee hives and procures honey from all over the country. Products of Kashmir Apiaries are exported to 35 different nations and its honey is being used in Swiss chocolates, candies and even French cosmetics. The company's latest target is the Middle-East nations, Algeria and Morocco.

If you compare honey production and crop production, three boxes are equivalent to one-acre production of crop.

annual income from honey production may go above US 5,000-7,500 dollars per annum