For Sale Highly Priced Miyazaki Mango Saplings from Miyazaki (Japan) for Sale


We have the Rare and Highly Priced Mango-Miyazaki Mango-Saplings for sale at lowest price to farmers. We also have around 50 other varieties of Mango saplings for sale. This is the first time Miyazaki Mango saplings from Miyazaki are available in large numbers in India - only limited quantity available now. If ready stock is exhausted, you can do advance booking by paying 70% of price and it will be delivered in April-May 2023. Miyazaki Mangoes are also called “Eggs of the Sunshine” (Taiyo-no-Tamago, in Japanese) due to their red colour and size/weight. Miyazaki Mangoes name was chosen because it was originally grown in Miyazaki, Kyushu Prefecture, Japan, which is known for its sunshine, combined with the flaming red colour of mangoes and their shape looks like dinosaur eggs. These mangoes will weigh 300-900 gm and have > 15% sugar content, and perfectly coloured and shaped. Normal international price is around $ 50/one mango and in some auctions it even goes up to $ 2000. Last year, the first harvest from few trees planted in India 3 years ago are sold for Rs. 1 Lakh-2.7 Lakh/Kg – it was reported in the newspapers. In Japan, Miyazaki mangoes aren’t purchased to eat as a casual snack. Japan is a nation of gift givers, so expensive fruits like these are often given at formal occasions and to mark business arrangements. For this reason, the mangoes are packaged beautifully in intricately designed boxes to make sure they’re a perfectly suitable gift.
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