High-strength Raymond mill help mining companies flourish



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And iron ore pellets, as a raw material for steelmaking, iron ore prices rising in recent years, the state has been encouraging the use of steel-making process of pellets to replace more iron ore. First ore fines plus the amount of water and the viscosity of the binder is made uniform, green ball with sufficient strength, dried and preheated in an oxidizing atmosphere after roasting, the raw ball agglomerate to form pellets. This method is particularly suitable for processing ore fines. Pellets with good cold strength, reduction and size composition. In the pellets and sinter iron and steel industry is also an important blast furnace, may constitute a better burden structure together. Also apply to non-ferrous metal smelting.
SBM As the industry leader, took the lead pellet plant transformation project, through gradual and repeated visits, the final selection of machine self-developed high-strength Raymond mill. The series can be realized Raymond mill moisture below 6% of sodium and calcium bentonite ideal for processing, fineness finished bentonite between 180-300 mesh, fully meet the requirements of pellet plant, equipment, integrated use of performance users generally recognition. Sodium bentonite processing needs of related equipment in addition to high strength
raymond mill for sale also included: Dryer, jaw crusher, bucket elevator or belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, control cabinet. The system is currently machine technology is mature, stable performance, has been widely used in southern Henan, northwestern Henan, Xinjiang and other regions.
Pellet production process ore is first made uniform size, have sufficient strength green balls. Pelletizing is usually carried out on a disc or cylinder pelletizer. Mineral water, which aid in the formation of capillary action ball nucleus; nuclei in the material and then the ball will roll, adhesion material sphere is growing more and more dense. Mineral water film between molecules by maintaining a strong bond. Using hydrophilic, fine grain size (less than 0.044 mm in the ore should account for more than 90% of the total), large specific surface area and contact conditions are good ore, plus proper moisture, add a certain amount of binder (bentonite slaked lime and lime, etc.), you can get the ball enough raw strength. Health Ball dried (300 ~ 600 ℃) and preheat (600 ~ 1000 ℃) after firing in an oxidizing atmosphere. Oxidation of iron oxide present in the preheating and roasting stage, limestone decomposition and reaction to sulfur. Roasting is a major consolidation phase pellets. Pellets consolidation process, the solid phase reaction and solid phase sintering play an important role, but only in the liquid phase sintering only under certain conditions develop. Firing temperature is generally 1200 ~ 1300 ℃, the main gas or liquid fuels, the solid fuel may also be used.
Machines not only provide our clients with a wide selectivity, supporting reasonable, reliable, cost-effective industrial crushing and milling equipment, and provide professional design and overall construction program, and even the entire process of turnkey projects. The company produced a dozen series, several dozen kinds of specifications of large and medium crushing and milling equipment for Mohs hardness of not greater than 9.5 and humidity below 8% of various minerals, rocks, ceramics, glass, slag and other materials widely used in mining, power, chemical, construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, refractory materials and other industries.