Available High Quality Jackfruit Sapling Varieties from Kerala Farmers Nurseries



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We offer high quality Jackfruit Saplings of different varieties including All Season, Off Season fruiting varieties and imported varieties. Please see the attached Product List. These are from nurseries of our member farmers who are successful Jackfruit farmers. Only healthy saplings with 100% survival assurance, with minimum care. Suitable for any climatic conditions. We offer all planting advises free along with sapling supply. We also offer consultancy services for all type of farming based on vriksha ayurveda, spiritual and sustainable organic farming systems and practices, and also consultancy services for setting up farm based enterprises, value addition enterprises including production of diverse products using Jackfruit and other farm products. Please see our diverse posts in this site including Old Discussion Forum by searching our names:
Please contact us through private conversation for further details and to place orders for saplings: Click on our name on the left > Start Conversation.
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