High Curcumin Lakadong Turmeric for sale


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Botanical Name: Curcuma longa
English Name: Turmeric
Common Name: Haldi, Halodhi

Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous plants botanically know as Curcuma longa. The tuberous rhizomes or underground stems of turmeric are used from antiquity as condiments, a dye and as an aromatic stimulant in several medicines. Turmeric is a very important spice in India. Turmerics highest production is in India. Approximately 90% of worlds total production is in India. India is the major exporter of Turmeric. The Lakadong variety of Turmeric is famous for its high curcumin content up to 7.6%.

We Sale Lakadong Turmeric from North East India.
Lakadong Variety of Turmeric with high curcumin 5.4% - 7.6%.
Lakadong Turmeric is available in whole dry form & Powder.

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