Question Help me identify this plant please.


It would be a great help. Thanks in Advance
You may send the details to the nearest Botanical Survey of India office or Botany department of any nearest University or approach any nearest Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Centre or any Agriculture University nearby.
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Plant looks like Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentine) - From appearance of leaf and roots. But not fully sure. If you have its flower and seed photos, we can confirm. Please send these photos and flower and seed photos to us privately by clicking on our name > start conversation.


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Thank you. These are from my terrace garden. As of now, I have plucked out all of the larger plants and the next batch of them are coming up strongly. I have kept aside a few to grow until they flower and then will share it here and with you (And also if possible to, here in this thread too).

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