Guar gum Summer season/open or unknown seed

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About open/unknown seed-
1. The yield is reported 50 to 100kg/acre less as compared to Certified seed.
2. The quality of the seed is also inferior which fetches 20 to 30 percent less price in the market.
3. End users of the seed are reluctant to buy these unknown variety seed.
4. Losses of opened/unknown seed –
a. Less yield – 50 to 100kg/acre @ Rs.10,000/quintal, Rs.5,000.
b. Less price - Rs.3 to 4,000/quintal= Rs.12,000 for 4 quintal.
c. Total loss- Less yield Rs.5,000 + Less price Rs.12,000 = Rs.17,000 per acre.
d. Means sowing of open or unknown seed not economically feasible, saving of Rs.1,500 against the loss of Rs.5,000 + Rs.12,000= Rs.17,000. Means cost of Certified seed @ Rs.600/kg is not high.
Summer season is very good for this crop with hardly any Risk-
a. Crop management is easy and under total control.
b. Pest and disease will at minimum level.
c. Full Sun light and Temp is most important requirement of this crop which is sufficient in this season.
d. Because of above a, b & c point the yield is + 2 quintal as compare to Kharip (monsoon) season.
e. The risk because of rain is almost nil.
f. Most important, the cost of seed in the month of May (harvesting time of this season) will be at its peak, may be above Rs.20,000/quintal.
Note- The sowing of Guar seed must be finished before 15 of Feb else the chances of crop being caught in rain is high which may result in heavy loss.

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