Guar gum Cutivation

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Sowing season of Guar gum may vary according to the temperature of the location of plantation.
In southern states specially Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In these states three crop can be taken in one year under proper consultancy, only the harvesting time should not fall in rainy season or rains. And the minimum temperature of the soil should not be less than 20 degree Celsius during sowing of the seed.
In northern states that is Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar including Maharashtra Guar gum can be taken twice in a year that is in late kharip season and another one in the month of February when the minimum temperature is above 20 degree.
In Maharashtra this crop can be made combination with Chana (Harbhara). Early variety of Chana can be taken and after that Guar gum can be sown which can give best result in comparison with Wheat or summer Ground nut (Bhuimung).
As per our survey and the facts, the Guar gum crop in Rajasthan and some parts of Haryana and Punjab has sustained the loss due to heavy rains during initial stage and rains in harvesting period which is resulting in reasonable drop in production and on other hand the demand is good which will result in the price hike.
Pacific Agro is producing different varieties of Guar gum seed in Maharashtra which are best suitable for MP, CG, Bihar, UP, Maharashtra, AP, TN and Karnataka and made available to the farmers along with all relevant information for cultivation at very reasonable rates.
Pacific Agro, Nagpur is the only company who is marketing the farmers produce (all grade) at best possible price.

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