Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Get more profit to cultivate Jatropha in your wasteland.


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India has nearly 60 million hectares of waste lands, of which 30 million hectares can be made available for Jatropha plantation capable of yielding 60 million tones of bio-diesel annually on a sustained basis.

This is our company aim to eradicate pollution & Go Green concept to reach everyone & get profit by its plantation & to make India green. If your plantation areas is more than 500 acres then you can apply for VCS project & to earn carbon credit from UNFCCC.

ACI agro solution is an ISO 9001:2008 &FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH HACCP ISO 22000:2005 certified is the leading agriculture consultancy in India.

We supply the best quality High yielding Jatropha seed and its details consultancy. Seed germination is 80-90%. We can also provide the best quality Jatropha sapling & jatropha oil cake. The plants are 1-2 fit height. All plants are healthy and green in color. It can grow in any type of soil, and water requirement is very low although it is drought resistence varieties.
It has 5 years gestation period during this period you can intercrop stevia, guar gum or any leguminious plant. Plantation spacing is 6’x6’. Plant population per acre is near about 1000.

After 5 years you can get 1kg-1.5 kg dry seeds per plant. This one time investment and can run up to 40 years. Maintenance charge is very nominal.

The following Agro- Climate is required for Jatropha Cultivation

Climate required for Jatropha Plantation :

Altitude range : 0 - 1000 m above sea level.
Mean annual rainfall : 300 - 3000 mm
Rainfall regime : summer, winter, bimodial: uniform
Dry season duration : 0 - 8 months
Mean annual temperature : 10 - 27 0C
Mean maximum temperature of hottest month : 22 - 48 0C
Mean maximum temperature of coldest month : -2 - 19 0C
Absolute minimum temperature : > -80 C ( data for upper limit NA)
Soil and Physiography

Soil texture : light, medium, heavy
Soil drainage : Free, seasonally waterlogged, heavy water logged condition hampering growth.
Soil reaction : acidic, neutral
Special soil tolerances : saline soil can’t tolerate though some Jatropha species can grow on this range but its productivity enormously decrease.
Soil types : alluvial soils, gravely soils, ferral soils, red soils, sandy soils

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)