For Sale Genuine and healthy rizhomes of Ginger and Turmeric available for sale


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We are BSS Agro Solutions, grow turmeric and Ginger in hygienic conditions. We are certified from IISR (Indian Institute of Spirce Research) for Turmeric Pragathi Veriety.
We have different verities of turmeric available
1. IISR Pragathi
2. IISR Prathibha
3. Rajendra Sonia

If you are looking for healthy genuine rizhomes of Maran Ginger and Turmeric please reach out to us.
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Hello I am looking for high-quality turmeric Full truckload every month to come to East Coast New York area ginger as well. Product must come in FDA approved clean a fungus or other problems. Prefer a high-quality Himalayan style deep orange color. Revolving LC released after approval of product. Year-round purchase