From Kerala, planning to buy agricultural land in Karnataka... Need help.


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My friends father is holding inherited farmland in remote part of kerala and he is wishing to buy a piece of agricultural land in Karnataka.
For me I got the certificate from village accountant stating that my family holds agricultural land and I belong to irrigation family with most of these things computerized, it was matter of time and spending some money for me.
We are nt sure what they call RTC or such certificate in Kerala.
We have enquired with local village officer and were told that he is not aware of such and will be happy to endorse in any format we want it with sufficient proof.
Can any one help us to identify what is RTC/Pahani called in Kerala and what is the format in which we must get a certificate indicating that my friend belongs to irrigation family(they are not computerized yet and not sure what toast for).
Thanks in advance and Appreciate any help on this context and can be reached on my cell for any questions.
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land for sale in karnataka

Dear Sir,I am prasad from karnataka. Basically I am from an agriculture family.I would like to sell my 5 acres land 90 KM from Udupi. pl contact me .have a good day
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