Founder Life Membership offered in the first ever all India Medicinal Planters Associ

Medicinal Planters Association of India: the first all India organisation of medicinal planters/farmers is happy to invite all of you interested in medicinal plants to become founder members of the first ever Medicinal Planters Association of India (MPAI).
The objectives of MPAI are:
1. Promoting cultivation, research and development of medicinal plants/herbs.
2. Protecting legitimate rights of medicinal planters/farmers including assuring just price for medicinal plants.
3. Providing all assistance, training, financial support etc to medicinal planters/farmers.
4. Publishing studies, journals etc for promotion of medicinal plants including Medicinal Planter Magazine.
5. Establish and maintain just price markets for medicinal plants/herbs.
6. Assure quality of medicinal plants/herbs to be supplied to various consumers of medicinal plants/herbs.
7. Prevent chemical cultivation of medicinal plants/herbs and promote natural/organic cultivation.
8. Prioritize and support projects for cultivation of endangered and low supply medicinal plants/herbs.
9. Represent medicinal planters/farmers in all local, regional, national and international government and non-governmental agencies.
10. Formulate and lobby for just and effective policies for promotion of medicinal plants/herbs and just interests and rights of medicinal planters/farmers, including assuring minimum support price for medicinal plants/herbs.

Founder Planter Life Memberships (FPLMs) of different categories with low fee, based on area of medicinal plants/herbs cultivated by you either in land or roof top, and Associate Founder Memberships for those involved with medicinal plants/herbs sector such as Ayurvedic, Unani, Homoeo, Naturopathy, Flower Therapy, Alternative Medicines hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, therapists, vaidyans/vaids, product manufacturers, medicinal plants/raw herbs traders, research and development agencies in the sector, and anyone interested in promotion of medicinal plants/herbs etc.

Please mail request for MPAI Membership Application Form and details to:
Medicinal Planters Association of India (MPAI)
C/o. Royal House Consultants
"Royal House", Kumily-685 509, Idukki Dt, Kerala, India.
T: 04869 223180. E:
[Govt of Kerala Reg No. 233971 & 235105]

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