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Fish Amino Nutrients

1)Fish Amino Nutrients Can Be Used For All Plants And Trees .
2)It is Source Of Amino Acid & Humic Acid For Plants.
3)It Can Be Sprayed Or Used On Soil.
4)Enhances The Growth Of Plants,
5)TIts Is wholly Prepared From Natural Products.
6)You Can Expect 30% to 40% More Growth.
7)Fish Amino Nutrients.5Ml For Spray And 10Ml For Soil Will Make Wonders in Plants & Trees

Used On Vegetables, Fruits, Spice, Rice.

We can Supply at Special Price for 100Ltrs - Marketing Partner / Bulk purchase / Wholesale / Distributors / Re sellers .

Dhanush Agro Farms Qty Required Call / Whatsapp 88255 36469


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